This 'Death Note' Xbox One Custom Controller Is Perfect for Anime Fans

Death Note has been considerably one of the most discussed anime series since its release in 2006 with a cast of very memorable characters that have weaseled their way into hearts and homes across the globe. With Death Note making a grand appearance in the upcoming Jump Force game, as well as it contineously making its way in the spotlight thanks to Netflix, it's not surprising that the franchise would be on everyone's minds. Now, it's in everyone's hands - or at least it could be - with this awesome custom Xbox One controller.

I’ll take a death note Xbox controller, and play with it. from r/xboxone

Don't let your dreams be dreams, it's another unique way to show off that individual style while preparing for some major grind time. With so many amazing games coming out in the new year, it's the prefect time to upgrade those peripherals. What better way to do just that than by repping your favorite anime?

The controller itself came from Undead Gaming, a company that is no stranger to making incredible fan dreams come true. They also offer another Death Note version, which can be found here, that takes a more black and white effect and makes it striking with two of the leading characters.

The white and black one is available now but if you want the red version seen above, you're out of luck. According to Undead Gaming, "[This] Death Note Anime custom controller made for one of the biggest fans of this Anime show asked me to make a Ryuk custom this was one of kind and will never be re-made."

Though that one isn't available, there are others out there. That, or maybe it's time to get creative and try to create your own stunning Death Note controller! Let this one inspire you or perhaps someone you know!


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