Death Stranding 2 May Be Hideo Kojima's Next Game

Death Stranding 2 may be the game that Hideo Kojima is currently teasing. Hideo Kojima is as good of a storyteller as he is a marketing genius. Kojima and his marketing team are masters at viral marketing and creating puzzles that keep gamers engaged, even if they don't necessarily play the final product. It generates buzz and that's important. For Metal Gear Solid V, the game was announced by a fake studio and a fake title with no clear indication that it was a new Metal Gear title. Similarly, PT was released as a surprise horror game on the PS4 store with yet another fake studio. Once players completed it, it was revealed to be a new Silent Hill game from Hideo Kojima.

Now, Kojima is revealing the cast for his new game through mysterious posters. The first actress confirmed for his next game is Elle Fanning and now, fans are trying to figure out a second actress. It's a fun mystery, but the mystery may have been spoiled. A producer at Kojima Productions tweeted about the posters and used the hashtag "#DeathStranding". She then deleted the tweet and said that she forgot to put a question mark after the hashtag, meaning her tweet was supposed to question if the teasers are for a new Death Stranding or something else. Of course, this could have been a genuine mistake and nothing more than that since the only game this new iteration of Kojima Productions has made is Death Stranding. However, this hasn't stopped fans from assuming that this is all leading up to a reveal for Death Stranding 2.

As of right now, it's all one big mystery and it only gets a bit more confusing with each passing day. It wouldn't be surprising if Kojima Productions continues to tease things until the end of the year for a reveal at The Game Awards in December, but nothing is confirmed. Either way, fans are now trying to figure out if this really is Death Stranding 2 or Kojima's new game with Xbox.

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