Elle Fanning Confirmed for Hideo Kojima's Next Game

Elle Fanning has been confirmed for Hideo Kojima's next video game. Hideo Kojima is one of the most renowned creators in the gaming industry thanks to his incredibly innovative gameplay and layered stories and characters. There's really no one else like him and that makes his work so unique and successful. It has also made people want to work and connect with him. Kanye West has made mentions of being a fan of Kojima, numerous actors and directors have spent time with him, and so on. This has allowed Hideo Kojima to garner impressive casts for his games with actors like Kiefer Sutherland, Norman Reedus, Margaret Qualley, Lea Seydoux, and more. It seems like he's not pulling any punches for his next game, either.

A new teaser website has confirmed that Elle Fanning will be in Hideo Kojima's next game, though it wasn't confirmed what the game is. As spotted by Lance McDonald, a poster that read "WHERE AM I?" was found at PAX in Australia. When an accompanying QR code is scanned, it brings fans to a website with Elle Fanning's picture and text that reads "WHO AM I?" and "A HIDEO KOJIMA GAME." Kojima Productions began teasing its next game last month with an image of a woman's head and a darkened face with some text that read "WHO AM I?" Internet detectives were able to match up the outline of her head with Elle Fanning's and assumed that she was cast in this mystery game. However, we were left to wonder if it actually was her up until this moment.

It's likely Kojima is going to keep this mystery going for a few months. At last year's Game Awards, Hideo Kojima confirmed he would be at the awards show, suggesting he would have something to share. It seems likely we could get a trailer or title reveal for whatever this new game is at The Game Awards 2022 in December, similar to how he debuted a trailer for Death Stranding at the awards show in the past. Hideo Kojima has confirmed he's working on a new game for Xbox and it's heavily rumored that Death Stranding 2 is also on the way, so this could be related to one of those projects.

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