Destroy All Humans Remake Will Be Longer Than The Original

Today, THQ Nordic and Black Forest Games announced Destroy All Humans, a remake of the 2005 cult-classic of the same name. To accompany the reveal, the pair also dished out the game's first-ever trailer, which is as zany as you'd hope it would be. Unfortunately, there's no gameplay showing off what the remake actually looks like in action. Thankfully though, not long after the initial reveal, THQ Nordic released some screenshots that more or less do just that. And as the day has progressed a few more details have trickled out about the game. For example, apparently it's longer than the original.

According to Black Forest Games, the remake is 100 percent faithful content wise. However, not only is Black Forest Games hoping its open-world component will add replaybility, but it seems it, alongside different challenges and upgrades, will make the game longer. According to the game's development director, Onurhan Karaagacil, the remake will be at least 30 to 40 hours long. Now, the director says "don't quote me on that," but either he's way off or the remake is longer than the original. As you may know the original was 10-20 hours depending on your playstyle and whether you were going for a completionist run. "At least" 30 to 40 hours is a lot bigger than 10 to 20. Again, maybe Karaagacli is just way off with his estimation, but he's the game's development director, so that would be very odd if the case.


"It should be at least 30 or 40, but I wouldn’t quote me on that quite yet. It’s not a short game at all, though," said Karaagacli when asked how long the remake is by VentureBeat. "We’re hoping to add a lot of replayability with the open world component. You have challenges. You have upgrades. You might want to destroy stuff with the UFO, or you might want to destroy stuff on foot."

Destroy All Humans is in development for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. At the moment, there's been no word of any additional ports. Further, there's been no word of an exact release date, but we do know the game will hit sometime in 2020. Pre-orders for the game are already open, so if you're the pre-ordering type and want to hop on this one early, click here.