‘Devil May Cry 5’ Ultimate Edition Comes With Dante’s Jacket and a Super High Price

We're starting to see more limited edition game packages make the rounds. No, not those $150+ ones that feature statues and what-not. But rather, some much more elaborate ones that go into the few-hundred dollar range. But leave it to Capcom to up the ante with its forthcoming Devil May Cry 5, as fans may fawn over the idea of owning Dante's jacket -- if they can afford it, that is.

Devil May Cry

The company has announced in Japan (through its eCapcom link, thanks to Twitter user Roy) that it is offering special editions of Devil May Cry 5 that include some physical goods to go along with the game. This includes not only a bundle with a facsimile of Dante's jacket, but also one for Nero, with a sleeveless design that would be perfect for fans.

But there's a catch. These run pretty costly when it comes to price. For example, the one with Dante's jacket is the most expensive, going for around 972,000 yen, or $8,600. Yep, that's for the jacket, the game and whatever other digital goodies are included. There also also bundles for both Nero and V, going for around 810,000 yen (or $7,100) and 648,000 yen ($5,700), respectively.

Devil May Cry 2

These jackets are reportedly modeled after the same ones worn by motion capture actors that worked on the game (though not the exact ones, obviously), so they're authentic right down to their design. But still, it might be a bit tough for gamers to accept paying a few thousand dollars for a coat that they could probably purchase and modify on their own for several hundred dollars. For you die-hard fans, though, this is obviously a must-have. Just make sure you set aside enough for the down payments.

At this time, it appears that the Ultimate Editions of the game are only being sold in Japan. There is a slim chance that Capcom's U.S. division could offer a few up for grabs for interested gamers. Otherwise, though, it's easy enough to import, since the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are region free anyway.

Devil May Cry 3

So if Devil May Cry is your jam and you already bought models of Dante's gun anyway, this is more than likely worth adding to your collection. That, and, well, it's releasing around the time you get your tax refund anyway, so maybe you can consider this a gift to yourself. Let's just hope it's a big refund, yeah?

Devil May Cry 5 releases on March 8, 2019 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.