Diablo TV Show "Could Work", Says Blizzard Boss

Should Blizzard pursue a TV series based on Diablo?

Blizzard's boss of all things related to Diablo thinks that a TV adaptation for the series would work perfectly. Over the past year, both The Last of Us and Fallout have made the successful jump to television in the wake of their own adaptations on HBO and Prime Video respectively. As a result of these achievements, many have started to wonder about what other gaming properties could also end up making waves in the TV space. Now, one of Blizzard's own has said that Diablo would be a fantastic candidate to get a TV series, although no such project is yet in the works. 

Speaking to Windows Central, Blizzard GM Rod Fergusson, who oversees everything associated with Diablo at the company, opened up about the idea of a Diablo TV show. Broadly, Fergusson said that he loves the idea as he thinks that the themes from the series would translate easily to other mediums. Fusgusson went on to stress that a TV adaptation of Diablo is not happening at the moment, but he'd clearly be down to help work on such a project if it was greenlit. 

"Yeah I definitely think it could work," Fergusson said. "That's one of the things I really liked about Diablo as an IP, is that it's got very relatable themes because it's The High Heavens versus The Burning Hells and that idea of Good versus Evil. I think that's something that could translate very well to something like that. You know, I wish I had something I could talk to you about today. But in terms of just the general idea, do I think it could work? I definitely do."

Currently, there are a number of TV shows in the works related to a multitude of different gaming properties. Both The Last of Us and Fallout have been picked up for Season 2 and should arrive in 2025 or beyond. In the near term, the Sonic the Hedgehog spin-off, Knuckles, is set to hit Paramount+ this week prior to the release of Sonic the Hedgehog 3 later this year. Whether or not Diablo joins this growing slate in the years to come isn't yet known, but it could prove to be a great way for Blizzard to keep the IP relevant in lieu of any new games tied to the franchise releasing. 

How do you feel about Diablo making the potential jump to television? And what other video game franchises do you think would be best served to get a TV or movie adaptation? Let me know either over on social media at @MooreMan12