Disney Dreamlight Valley Announces New Toy Story Content

Disney Dreamlight Valley just recently launched into early access, but already, the developers are teasing what's to come in the game's future updates. Additional Disney "Realms" for players to explore were always part of the plan when it comes to planned content for the game, and when the game's second update drops, the first new Realm players will be exploring will be that of Toy Story. Disney and developer Gameloft revealed as much this week during the D23 Expo and confirmed that both Buzz Lightyear and Woody would be seen in this new Realm.

If you missed the initial reveal, you can see all you need to know from the trailer below. It shows the player character being shrunken down to a toy-sized stature before interacting with Buzz and Woody and exploring Bonnie's bedroom.

"Woody and Buzz Lightyear both need your help! Step on through to the 'Toy Story' realm where you'll find yourself shrunk to toy-sized in Bonnie's room where Buzz and Woody mistake you for a toy too!" a preview of this new Disney Dreamlight Valley realm said. "To invite them to live in your Valley, you must help Buzz and Woody complete three special quests and learn what being a good toy is all about."

As is the case with other Disney characters that players help out in these realms, solving Buzz's and Woody's problems means that they'll come hang out with you in the Dreamlight Valley hub where you can then interact with them further. For those who like their looks, the trailer also revealed that you'll be able to customize your avatar with different cosmetics featuring some of the logos or attire that the two toys wear.

In the same trailer, we also saw a couple of other characters that aren't from the Toy Story series but are still ones players can look forward to. Scar, for example, will has been confirmed for the game and will be added in the first big update planned for this fall. The Toy Story realm will be added in the second major update.