Dr Disrespect Tells Bad Call of Duty Players to Go Back to Minecraft and Pokemon

According to popular Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect, there's too many bad Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players playing the first-person shooter on PS4, PC, and Xbox One. And he's not having it. During a recent stream, the Two-Time -- well-known for his trash talk -- said bad Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players need to go back to their Nintendo Switch consoles and playing games like Minecraft and Pokemon.

"Bah, melted! First off, that guy should just f*****g delete the game," said Dr Disrespect after melting a player in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare with a headshot. "Go play some Minecraft with your little sisters, on your little Nintendo Switch, the cute one, the colored one."

The streamer continued, with a mocking tone:

"Did you get your custom Nintendo Switch covers, huh? Did you get the custom ones? Are they white and pink, cute, fluffy, and yellow to go with the Pokemon? Huh? Can't you wait? Get off my game."

As you may know, Dr Disrespect has been very vocally against adults and older gamers playing kid-friendly games, such as Fortnite. In other words, it's not very surprising to hear him take a jab at adults playing Minecraft and Pokemon. Of course, the reality is that while Minecraft and Pokemon cater to kids, many adults play them, especially the latter, given the nostalgia attached to the series.


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"Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, like most Call of Duty games, set out on a mission to be different from the series’ past. Or rather, it wanted to be more of the same, more of the good old days, if that was the type of Call of Duty you were most familiar with," reads the opening of our review of Modern Warfare. "Gone was the futuristic, arcade-style gameplay that’s now been replaced with a more grounded and realistic approach to a first-person shooter that’s been likened more to Battlefield with a Call of Duty sheen to it. The result of this remodeling of the series resulted in a triumphant success for the franchise that builds on a classic experience and offers the best Call of Duty game in a long time even if it does experience familiar stumbles at times."

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