Dr Disrespect Apparently Tried to Turn His Disastrous E3 Bathroom Stream Into a Twitch Emote

Dr Disrespect was welcomed back to Twitch by his followers after two-week ban imposed on the streamer by the streaming platform. The IRL stream which he held inside a bathroom at E3 led to the ban, but it also led to a fresh new meme within the streamer’s community because of one scene that showed the streamer peeking over the top of a bathroom stall. Possibly taking queues from his followers’ many suggestions during the ban, the streamer apparently tried to have the moment turned into a Twitch emote, though it would seem that the move was struck down by Twitch.

The clip above shows the relevant part of Dr Disrespect’s video where he returned to Twitch after nearly a month away from the platform. Amid his PUBG and Fortnite games, the streamer took breaks to speak with his fans at times and at one point showed an email which appears to show him corresponding with Twitch about his suggested emote. Classified as “Generally inappropriate content,” it looks like the emote will never find its way into Twitch’s official collection of emotes.

A GIF below which was one of the many replies to the streamer during and after his time away from Twitch shows the origins of the suggested emote.

Of course, there’s always the chance that this emote was never truly submitted to Twitch and that the streamer is just playing up the meme which has been circulating in his absence. The email shown seems to fit the format that Twitch uses when rejecting an emote, though if you consider the production efforts that go into the rest of Dr Disrespect’s streams, making a mockup of an email would be trivial. Either way, the scene appears to have had the intended effect since people like the one who tweeted the GIF above are still campaigning for the emote to become the real deal.


He never directly mentioned the bathroom streaming incident, though he did dance around it at times by saying that there was no filming allowed in the bathroom inside his “Arena.” He mentioned it towards the beginning when telling someone off-screen to cut out a part of the video that referenced the bathroom’s construction.

The streamer also said that he has plans for more IRL streams in the future, though what those streams will consist of is unclear at this time.