Dr Disrespect Returns to Twitch, Promises More IRL Streams

Watch Video Game Vengeance | @DrDisrespect from DrDisrespect on www.twitch.tv

Twitch streamer Dr Disrespect made his return to Twitch recently, and as one might’ve expected given his following, he was met with tens of thousands of fans and a wave of donations and subscriptions. The streamer’s return comes after he was banned from Twitch for two weeks for conducting an IRL stream in a bathroom at E3 though he stayed gone for longer than just those two weeks with his actual absence nearing a month of time away.

Dr Disrespect’s return stream was titled “Video Game Vengeance” and clocks in at just under six hours with the entirety of that video seen above. During his time away from Twitch, the streamer said previously that he’d been working on various parts of his stream, including the “arena” where his games are played. After showing off his new intro for the stream and then giving players a quick look at the revamped arena, the streamer talked with his fans for a while before hopping into PUBG. He said that nearly every stream prior to this one is typically scripted but that he decided to wing it on this one and see how things went.


While the bathroom incident wasn’t directly mentioned during the stream, it was referenced occasionally through some jokes that were connected to his arena. When showing off the exterior of the arena near the start, Dr Disrespect was going over all the renovations that were in progress for the green screen creation. He jokingly said off to the side to cut the bathroom scene out while laughing and saying “it’s illegal.” Later on in the video, he showed off the “locker room” inside the arena and gestured towards the bathroom at one point and said “no filming.”

While one might expect that the IRL streams are being put aside given how poorly the streamer’s first IRL attempt went during E3, Dr Disrespect doesn’t appear to be finished with that stream format yet. He said in the stream that “we’ve got a lot of plans for IRL,” though without any elaborations on what that might mean, it’s unclear when we’ll see the streamer return for another attempt. For now though, it looks like you’ll be able to find him on Twitch playing the usual rotation of games like PUBG and Fortnite.