Dr Disrespect Weighs in on Halo: Reach on PC

Earlier this week, Halo: Reach hit PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Game Pass. And well, it turns out people still really, really love Halo: Reach, as evident by it shooting to the top of the Steam charts upon release. As you may know, the campaign of the spin-off Halo game is especially cherished, but its multiplayer also has many, many fans, including Dr Disrespect, who has been spending some time with the 2010 game since it re-released earlier this week.

As you may know, Dr Disrespect is pretty prolific when it comes to multiplayer games, and this includes Halo. After getting used to the game's mechanics, he quickly started to clean up lobbies, which perhaps explains why he's been enjoying it so much.

"First impression is it feels really good on PC, said the Doc while streaming the game. "Moving about is good -- everything feels good and streamlined."

The Two-Time also noted that it was nice to get into a lobby and then quickly into a game and into the action. In other words, he noted it was nice how quick games got going, which is much different than many of the battle royale games the streamer spends time playing. "What a nice little surprise, I actually really enjoyed it," added the Doc.

"I'm telling you right now: I've got the best snapshot in the game, baby," further added the Doc. "Boom, boom! I am a Halo god. First time touching Halo today in like 23 years… multiple 30+ kill games in competitive. I am really am something else."

Of course, Halo: Reach is unlikely to become a staple of Dr. Disrespect going forward. However, there's a good chance Halo: Infinite will be when that releases next year alongside the launch of Xbox Scarlett.

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Thanks, Dexerto.