Dr Disrespect Shows What Happens to Viewers When They Disagree With Him

Dr. Disrespect has been playing a lot of Apex Legends on Twitch lately, or at least ever since the [...]

Dr. Disrespect has been playing a lot of Apex Legends on Twitch lately, or at least ever since the PS4, Xbox One, and PC battle royale game burst into Season 3 with a new hero, a brand-new map, and more. That said, while the popular streamer was enjoying the game for a bit, it appears his "addiction" is coming down. During a recent stream, the Two-Time closed out of the game, revealing that he was simply getting bored of it. And the streamer had a pretty tame explanation: every encounter was feeling the same, which is an issue some have lodged against the game in the past. That said, when a viewer voiced his opinion in the chat, noting he disagreed with the Doc, well, the streamer wasn't having any of it.

It all started when Dr Disrespect charged an enemy team, and, well, got killed for it. The streamer wasn't too mad though, admitting he missed a few shots, but he was bored.

"I'm just -- I don't know, I'm just going through the motions. I don't know. I'm f*****g bored. I missed a couple of shotgun shots, whatever. I'm just bored," said the streamer. "Every fight feels the exact same in the game. Every fight. So, I'm bored. I don't have a remedy. There's nothing I can do. There's nothing I can do when I'm bored and uninterested. So, we're getting off it. That's it."

By Dr Disrespect standards, at this point, everything was pretty tame, but that quickly changed when a viewer in the chat voiced their disagreement with the streamer.

"100 percent disagree says Unsung4. You know what, I don't like you. 100 percent disagree, huh? I'm just going to get rid of you. I know you have the gold logo next to your name -- I just don't like how you came into the chat and said 'I 100 percent disagree.'"

The Two-Time continued:

"Listen, I'm not here to listen to your opinion. Right? I'm not trying to have a discussion with you, Unsung. See ya."

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