Dragon Ball FighterZ Runs Like a Champ On Nintendo Switch

Dragon Ball

Following yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, we received confirmation that Dragon Ball FighterZ would be making its way to Nintendo Switch later this year. While we still don’t know what the DLC plan for the game is just yet, we do know, at the very least, that the port being handled by Arc System Works will be up to snuff.

That’s because we were able to get hands-on with the Nintendo Switch version of the game at Bandai Namco’s booth this morning. We weren’t able to try it out in portable mode just yet, so we’re unsure just how the game will look on the small screen. But boy, the devs are handling the port like a champ.

First up, the animation is absolutely superb. The game moves at a very fluid 60 frames per second and features all the transition pieces that we’ve come to expect from the game, including knocking opponents into objects and introducing new fighters into the fray. This thing still looks remarkable after all these months.

Secondly, the controls absolutely feel terrific with the Pro Controller. Handling special moves is easy with this peripheral, as we were able to devastate the likes of Goku and Yamcha (he had it coming, c’mon) with a number of special moves and combos. Again, it’s unsure how it’ll translate with JoyCons just yet, but the regular control option looks to be much desired.

We weren’t able to explore the other modes in the game just yet, as the demo we checked out only featured versus match set-ups with AI and human opponents. But that’s going to be a focus for most players anyhow, so what’s here works remarkably well.


One thing we're wondering is how the game handles with online matches. If Arc's previous work with Cross Tag Battle is anything to go on though, we're in for a game that will keep us coming back for more. We'll see closer to the game's release what it and Bandai Namco have in mind for online options. Fingers crossed they'll be plentiful.

If you can't wait for Dragon Ball FighterZ, you can check it out now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.