Dreams Player Recreates The Office Intro

The Office is one of the most popular shows you can watch on streaming services like Netflix even years after its conclusion, and it’s got one of the most recognizable themes heard during the intro. With the tools that the PlayStation 4 exclusive Dreams gives players to build their own projects, it was only a matter of time until someone recreated the show’s intro like one player did in the video above.

Created by a PlayStation 4 user by the name of Emilerules97, the video shows what The Office looks like in Dreams as the player walks us through the game’s version of the workplace. If you’ve spent much time with The Office, you’ll notice all the features exactly in the spots that they should be like the couch to the right when you walk in and the locations of all the desks, offices, and meeting rooms.

You’ll also notice a few Easter eggs scattered throughout this version of The Office’s layout. Sitting on Dwight’s desk towards the end is a calculator that’s stuck in Jell-O, a prank that’s been used in the show multiple times when Dwight’s stapler was Jell-O’d by Jim who later did the same to Andy’s calculator. There’s also what looks to be a reference to the World’s Best Boss mug on Michaels desk, and the TV in the conference room even has the bouncing DVD logo that the characters always wished would bounce perfectly in the corner of the TV.

The same user who created the Dreams version of The Office commented within a few threads on Reddit to explain parts of the process behind making the project and their plans for how it’ll be improved. Looking at other versions of the creation, it’s already been improved on to create the more recent look seen at the top.

Other Dreams players have recreated similarly popular intros like the one for another PlayStation 4 exclusive, Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Dreams is currently available in early access on the PlayStation 4.



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