A T-Rex in a Chicago Museum Is Playing 'Dungeons & Dragons' on Twitter With Their Museum Friends

Several popular Chicago museums are playing Dungeons & Dragons, and Twitter is loving it.

Earlier this week, several Twitter accounts associated with various museums around Chicago started playing Dungeons & Dragons online. Led by Sue the T-Rex, a Twitter account operated by the famous dinosaur skeleton in Chicago's Field Museum, museum enthusiasts and D&D fans are having a blast following the new adventure.

Also joining in the shenanigans are the Twitter accounts for the Shedd Aquarium, the Adler Planetarium, the MCA Chicago, and the Chicago Lions, the last of which is a Twitter account dedicated to the two bronze lions outside of the Art Institute of Chicago. While Sue the T-Rex acts as the DM, the other accounts each play a character in the new campaign.

Each character is loosely based off the museum they represent. The Chicago Lions play a lion rogue, while Shedd Aquarium plays a sea elf ranger. Our favorite is the MCA Chicago's undead tabaxi bard... which uses performance art and mixed visual media for their spells. That's a play on the MCA's Felix, a giant skeleton on display at the museum.

What's more is the followers themselves are a character too, and can guide the course of the campaign by participating in polls put up by Sue the T-Rex at critical intervals. Sue also rolls their d20 for checks, and shows the results on a backdrop of Jeff Goldblum photos, because Jeff Goldblum should be involved in everything.


Technically, the new adventure is a continuation of the last time Sue the T-Rex played D&D, which ended with a companion dying after being transformed into a were-lichen. This adventure loosely adapts Waterdeep: Dragon Heist, with the party attempting to steal from the legendary beholder crime boss Xanathar to raise funds to bring their friend back to life.

You can check out the first few parts of the adventure here and here. The best way to follow along with the adventure is to follow all of the Twitter accounts as Sue guides the action over the next few days.