How Dungeons & Dragons Got Wrapped Up in a Wrestling Storyline

Dungeons & Dragons fans have found themselves in the middle of a wrestling feud. AEW Wrestling [...]

Dungeons & Dragons fans have found themselves in the middle of a wrestling feud. AEW Wrestling kicks off their weekly live show in two weeks on TNT, and one of the matches will be between MJF and Brandon Cutler. MJF is one of AEW's rising stars and is best known for his obnoxious "better than you/rich guy/jock" heel gimmick. Cutler, meanwhile, is a noted Dungeons & Dragons fan, to the point that he's cosplayed as Grog from Critical Role, sports a d20 on his official wrestling t-shirt, and calls his finisher the TPK. It was only a matter of time before MJF started taking shots at Cutler, and MJF decided to prey on Cutler's love of D&D in the process.

MJF posted a picture of himself flexing in a gym with the caption "I don't play Dungeons & Dragons" on Twitter. The obnoxious Tweet generated a mix of eyerolls and clapbacks, including from many D&D fans who have never heard of MJF or AEW Wrestling.

D&D fans were quick to defend their hobby, including D&D super-fan Joe Manganiello, who responded to MJF with a picture of himself on a Men's Fitness cover to remind MJF that he's got nothing on Manganiello's physique. Even Xavier Woods, who works for AEW competitor WWE, came to D&D's defense - posting a picture of himself from a recent Acquisitions Incorporated live show. MJF's mentions are filled with tons of D&D fans giving MJF grief....which is precisely why MJF posted the picture in the first place. Even Critical Role DM Matt Mercer got in on the action, posting what was probably the nicest bit of trash talk ever written on Twitter.

While it might seem cliche to mock a person for their hobbies, keep in mind that professional wrestling will do anything to generate "heat" - the wrestling term for generating a negative reaction from fans. This is an industry that delights in blurring the lines between reality and fiction, so MJF is probably delighted that there are a few people who are genuinely upset that he's talking trash about D&D. Hopefully, this all leads to Cutler wiping the floor with MJF...and also Cutler picking up a few more fans along the way.

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