Upcoming Dungeons & Dragons Book to Feature Adventures by Deborah Ann Woll, Marisha Ray

An upcoming Dungeons & Dragons book will feature adventures written by actresses Deborah Ann Woll and Marisha Ray. Earlier this week, D&D designer Kate Welch announced that Woll and Ray were working on an official D&D product, which will come out in 2020. No details were given about the theme of the upcoming book, but Welch noted that the book would feature work by many writers who hadn't had adventures published by Dungeons & Dragons before. Welch also noted that neither Woll nor Ray had written a published adventure before, but both submitted exceptional work.

Woll, best known for her roles in Daredevil and True Blood, is an enthusiastic Dungeons & Dragons fan and is the Dungeon Master of the Geek & Sundry produced D&D show Relics and Rarities. Ray is best known as a cast member of Critical Role, arguably the biggest D&D show on the Internet. Both Ray and Woll also recently DMed at D&D Live 2019: The Descent, a three day event that highlighted D&D's upcoming adventure book Baldur's Gate: Descent Into Avernus.

The new D&D product announcement seems to feature a series of short new adventures, which is a slight departure from recent D&D publications. While Dungeons & Dragons has released several books with several shorter adventures, past products like Tales From the Yawning Portal and Ghosts of Saltmarsh contained updated versions of previously published adventures. Welch's announcement about the upcoming D&D product seemed to imply that they would feature new adventures - something we haven't seen D&D publish outside of the annual fall adventure. Dungeons & Dragons used to publish shorter modules on a frequent basis, but these have fallen by the wayside with Fifth Edition. Although modules are still available on sites like DMs Guild, it seems that this new product will bring Wizards of the Coast back into the business of releasing more than one new adventure per year.


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