Will 'Dungeons & Dragons' Add a New Campaign Setting to Fifth Edition Later This Year?

A Facebook post by a GameHole Con staff member seems to hint that Dungeons & Dragons will be [...]

A Facebook post by a GameHole Con staff member seems to hint that Dungeons & Dragons will be adding another new setting later this year. Thomas Valley, the Adventurers League Coordinator for Wisconsin-based GameHole Con, posted on Facebook that the convention was seeking volunteers to serve as Dungeon Masters for this year's event. Valley noted that GameHole Con was premiering several new Adventurers League adventures, including an epic event and multiple adventures set in "as yet announced setting." That immediately started speculation that Dungeons & Dragons could be gearing up to introduce a new campaign setting, similar to their re-introduction of Eberron and their conversion of Ravnica last year.

Until last year, Dungeons & Dragons' Fifth Edition books mostly focused on the Forgotten Realms, a popular campaign setting created by Ed Greenwood in the late 1980s. With the exception of Curse of Strahd, all of the published D&D adventures are set in the Forgotten Realms, with the many other realms of the D&D multiverse only mentioned in passing. Even books that updated old adventures such as Tales from the Yawning Portal were designed as "setting agnostic," meaning that those classic adventures could technically take place in any region.

The Adventurers League is the "official ongoing campaign" for Dungeons & Dragons with stores and conventions hosting weekly game sessions. The League is designed to allow players to seamlessly move their character from session to session, and the Adventurers League adventures are often inspired by the "official" adventure released by Dungeons & Dragons that year. For instance, many of this year's Adventurers League modules are set in Waterdeep and feature many of the characters seen in Waterdeep: Dragon Heist. That means it's possible that Valley's post could refer to the setting of D&D's newest adventure, which will be announced in May and is almost guaranteed to take place in the Forgotten Realms. We'll note that Valley's Facebook post didn't specify "campaign setting," so it's possible that he's simply referring to whatever Forgotten Realms region this year's adventure will take place in.

We'll note that GameHole Con takes place on Halloween weekend, which is right before the window when Dungeons & Dragons typically releases its "fall/winter" book. One of D&D's fall books last year was Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica, the campaign setting book that added Ravnica to the D&D multiverse.

Dungeons & Dragons declined to comment about the Facebook post when asked by ComicBook.com.


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