Dungeons & Dragons Is Playtesting Psionic Subclasses

Dungeons & Dragons could be bringing back psionics in the near future. Earlier today, Dungeons & Dragons released a new Unearthed Arcana playtest document with three psionic subclasses focused on the Fighter, Rogue, and Wizard. Psionics, which focuses on using innate psychic abilities and powers, has long been a part of Dungeons & Dragons and is often associated with the Dark Sun campaign setting. However, these new subclasses seem to offer a more general take on psionics that bring the mechanics more in line with Fifth Edition play.

The new playtest contains rules for the Psychic Warrior and the Soulknife, two psionic classes originally introduced in D&D Third Edition, along with a general psionics subclass for Wizards. The Psychic Warrior focuses mainly on augmenting strikes and defense with psychic power. Players can initially choose to reduce damage or empower attacks using psychic abilities, and can eventually hit opponents with psychic attacks, provide additional cover against attacks, and eventually turn yourself into a dreadnaught of unstoppable psychic powers.

The Soulknife, meanwhile, centers on the creation of psychic blades that can slowly grow in power. Eventually, the Soulknife can use these blades to cause enemies to become frightened of you, and stun enemies by stabbing an opponent's brain with a psychic knife.

The psionic wizard gains a variety of psychic abilities, including the ability to turn their body into a "thought form" that's entirely made of psionic energy. They also gain some innate psychic abilities (manifested as specific spells that can be cast without expending a spell slot one time per long rest) and empowering certain spells with psychic power.


The new Unearthed Arcana document also includes several new spells, all of which have some psionic flavor to them, and telekinetic and telepathic feats. You can check out the full Unearthed Arcana at D&D's website.

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