Dungeons & Dragons Introduces a Devastatingly Powerful New Multiclass Build

Dungeons & Dragons powergamers are itching to get their hands on a new multiclass build that can deal out a ton of damage to enemy creatures. Dungeons & Dragons just released Tasha's Cauldron of Everything, a new expansion for Fifth Edition that contains tons of new optional rules in your game. One of the big draws of Tasha's Cauldron of Everything are the 22 new subclasses introduced in the book, which includes a new Wizard subclass - the Order of Scribes. This order focuses on a wizard awakening their spellbook and turning it into a trusted companion. However, when players multiclass as an Order of Scribes Wizard and combine it with a particular Cleric subclass, their character becomes capable of doing an awful lot of damage at least once per short rest.

This particular multiclass combo combines the Order of Scribes with a Tempest Cleric, one of the more offensive-minded Cleric subclasses. When a character takes two levels as a Tempest Cleric, they become capable of using their Channel Divinity: Destructive Wrath ability, which allows them to deal maximum damage when they roll lightning or thunder damage. That's a powerful ability on its own, but it becomes even more powerful when coupled with how Order of Scribes wizards can manipulate the type of damage their spells use.

Once an Order of Scribes Wizard reaches Level 2, they have the ability to temporarily replace a spell's damage type with a type of damage that appears in another spell in their spellbook, provided the latter spell is of the same level as the spell slot the wizard uses to cast the original spell. That means that an Order of Scribes Wizard can hypothetically swap out the damage type of any of their spells with either Thunder or Lightning Damage, provided they have the necessary spell in their spellbook. Per D&D Beyond, there's at least one Wizard spell that deals Thunder or Lightning Damage for every spell level, with the exception of 5th Level spells.

So, an Order of Scribes Wizard that takes at least two levels of Tempest Cleric has the ability to deal maximum damage to an enemy at least once per short rest. When that character reaches Level 7 (Wizard 5/Cleric 2), they can toss out a Fireball spell that deals 48 points of damage automatically.When they reach Level 10, they can dish out 64 points of damage using a Blight Spell. When they reach Level 12, they can automatically deal 100 points with a Disintegrate spell. The only limitation is that they can only maximize their spell damage one time per short rest, which isn't that much of a drawback.

Not only can this particular combo deal a lot of damage, it can also be further optimized using the new Character Origin customization options. A player could choose to be a Mountain Dwarf and move one its two +2 modifiers into Intelligence to increase the spell DC. Tempest Clerics are also proficient in Heavy Armor, so you can even bulk up your Wizard to have an AC as high as 20 (provided they have the necessary Strength score and gold to wear Plate armor), with the ability to raise that AC up to 25 when combined with a Shield spell.

Expect to see this combo a lot in D&D games moving forward. It's a fun and powerful build, but isn't that much of a gamebreaker.

Tasha's Cauldron of Everything is available in North and South America now. You can grab it here on Amazon with a 35% discount.


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