Dying Light 2 Developer Teases Update

More information on Dying Light 2 is finally said to be coming in the new year. After months of [...]

More information on Dying Light 2 is finally said to be coming in the new year. After months of silence and an indefinite delay, the team at Techland finally seems poised to talk more about its upcoming first-person action game and its forthcoming release. The only downside is that we don't know when this new update will arrive for certain at this point in time.

In a message shared on what seems to be the Dying Light Discord server, one of the team members behind the game let users know that more details about the upcoming sequel are coming in short order. "We've been, er, dying to update you all on how development has been going," the brief message stated. "We'll have fresh updates about Dying Light 2 coming in the new year!"

As mentioned, news on Dying Light 2 has essentially nonexistent ever since it was delayed in January of 2020. The game was originally slated to release in the early portion of this year but after being pushed back, Techland has largely opted not to say a word about the title. Since that time, Techland has only continued to update players on the previous entry in the series, which still continues to get updated every now and then.

The only piece of positive news that we have received in the last year is that Dying Light 2 will indeed be coming to next-gen consoles once it arrives. Techland intends to support the game for years to come once it is finally out, and to do so, it will obviously need to release the game on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. For now, we haven't seen what the title will look like on either of these platforms.

While a release window for Dying Light 2 still hasn't been given, an arrival in 2021 doesn't seem out of the question given when the game was previously slated to drop. Whenever it does arrive, it will also be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC to go along with next-gen consoles. To keep up to date with the game moving forward, you can continue following all of our coverage on it right here.

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