Star Wars Battlefront II Will Have Free Content Instead Of Season Passes

Star Wars Battlefront II was definitely one of the most explosive topics during EA Play at the E3 [...]

(Photo: EA/Lucasfilm)

Star Wars Battlefront II was definitely one of the most explosive topics during EA Play at the E3 2017 conference today with a new trailer that gave the prequels some respect and a whopping 40-person multiplayer match that was played live. But amid all of the excitement, news, and gameplay, some viewers might have missed an important feature of Star Wars Battlefront II: The game won't have season passes, and it'll instead feature free content in the form of "seasons."

So what does this mean for players and consumers? It means that free content is on the way, and there will be plenty of it to come.

In the previous game, Star Wars Battlefront, players had the option of picking up a season pass in order to gain access to some new content that was released in several expansion packs over time. The four expansions that players could add to their base game included the Outer Rim, Bespin, Death Star, and Rogue One expansions. Each of these brought new content to the game that included additional weapons, maps, and iconic characters that were unique to each expansion.

With the changes being made moving forward into Star Wars Battlefront II, new content will be added to the game after its release at no additional charge. Over the course of several large updates, more content and characters will also be added to the multiplayer fray.

As far as what players can expect to see from the first round of content additions, there's already plans to release an expansion in December, not even a full month after the game is released. This first expansion will include content from The Last Jedi, including the playable heroes Finn and Captain Phasma. A new planet called Crait that was created for The Last Jedi will also be included for players to battle on, and as with expansions in the first game, players can expect a wave of weapons, vehicles, and unique game modes to come with the content.

Star Wars Battlefront II is currently available for preorder and is scheduled to be released on Nov. 17 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.