EA Play 2021 Announced for July

Publisher Electronic Arts has announced today that its annualized EA Play event will indeed be [...]

Publisher Electronic Arts has announced today that its annualized EA Play event will indeed be coming back this summer. And while E3 2021 will be taking place next month in its normal June window, EA will instead opt to hold its own event a full month later rather than transpiring in proximity E3 like it often does.

Shared on social media, Electronic Arts revealed that EA Play will transpire later this summer on Thursday, July 22. This date, while it might seem a bit odd in isolation, clearly seems to indicate that EA wants more space between its own announcements and those that may occur at E3 2021. Whether or not July will become the new month in which EA opts to hold EA Play in future years remains to be seen.

Other than simply announcing the date of the event, EA hasn't said anything further about what the showcase will have in store. For now, all we have been told is that additional details will be revealed at a later date. So while this announcement is a bit anticlimactic, those over at Electronic Arts clearly just want people to circle this date on their calendar in advance.

When it comes to what EA might reveal at EA Play, that's also hard to estimate right now. Battlefield 6 is likely the most notable game in EA's catalog that the publisher is planning to release in 2021. And while Battlefield 6 will surely appear at EA Play in some capacity, it was already confirmed just yesterday that the upcoming shooter is going to be revealed at an undetermined time in June instead. With that in mind, EA's presentation this year will be far more interesting to watch than normal since we still don't know much about what the publisher plans to release in the near future.

So what are you hoping to see at EA Play this year? And how do you feel about the event being held in July? Share your thoughts with me either down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.