Earth Defense Force 5 Officially Coming To the U.S. This Summer

While D3Publisher’s Earth Defense Force may not be the go-to title when it comes to AAA action, there’s no question that it delivers tons of it, whether you’re laying waste to giant insects or shooting UFO’s down from the sky while accidentally trashing a building or two. (The city will pay for it, right…?) It’s old-school sci-fi action, personified into a fun little shooting series.

And now we’re getting more of it. The publisher revealed in a new Facebook post today that the latest entry in the series, Earth Defense Force 5, is coming to the PlayStation 4 in the U.S., and will arrive sometime this summer.

The trailer for the game can be seen above, and, as you can see, it continues the status quo that we’ve come to expect from the Earth Defense Force series. You choose from a handful of special soldiers and take on all sorts of alien invaders, from gigantic bugs to flying craft to giant robots, using whatever weapons and vehicles you can get your hands on.

Earth Defense Force 5 will feature four different classes to choose from, including a tank-like soldier with heavy armor; a flying soldier that can attack from the skies for a limited amount of time; and more. In addition, the sequel should also support two-player co-op, just like the previously released Earth Defense Force 4.1 did -- so you can have a buddy tag along to trash the alien forces right alongside you.

D3Publisher hasn’t provided a price point or release date for the game just yet, but the Electronic Entertainment Expo is right around the corner, so we’ll likely know more when it sets up shop there. It shouldn’t be too bad, though, as the previously released EDF wasn’t too costly.


If cheesy sci-fi action is your thing -- or you’ve just always wanted to live out a Starship Troopers style fantasy against an armada of bugs -- then Earth Defense Force 5 is definitely a game that you should add to your list of must-have games. And let's be honest, when you shoot down a gigantic UFO from the sky, it’s something truly spectacular.

We’ll have more information on the release of Earth Defense Force 5 as soon as it becomes available!