Elden Ring: George R.R. Martin Reveals What Exactly He Did for the Game

One of the most notable qualities of Elden Ring (outside of the fact that it's another Soulslike [...]

One of the most notable qualities of Elden Ring (outside of the fact that it's another Soulslike title from developer FromSoftware) is that it features work done by George R.R. Martin. As the author of Game of Thrones and the entirety of the Song of Ice and Fire saga, Martin is likely one of the most popular creators of all-time in regard to fantasy fiction. However, up until this point, Martin's involvement with Elden Ring hasn't been made all that clear. Fortunately, thanks to a new interview that has now come about, Martin has been able to talk a bit more about just what work he did for Elden Ring.

In a new conversation with WTTW, Martin opened up for the first time in an extensive manner to talk about Elden Ring and how he collaborated with FromSoftware. Martin explained that even though he's not big into video games, FromSoftware approached him a few years ago to help work on the title. From that point, he created what essentially became the basis for the world in which Elden Ring would reside in. FromSoftware then took his creation and adapted it into the video game that it is today.

Martin stressed that it has been a long time since he has actively worked on Elden Ring in a major way. Since his work on the project essentially needed to come before everything else, he hasn't really been associated with it in any manner for "several years". Still, he says those at FromSoftware have continued to keep him in the loop over that period of time and have consistently shown him how the title is progressing. Speaking to its impending release, Martin also said he is "as excited as anybody else to see it."

As for when that launch is actually happening, Elden Ring is finally set to hit store shelves early next year on January 21, 2022. When it releases, it will also be coming to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC platforms.

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