SNL Sketch Features Elon Musk as Nintendo's Wario

In case you somehow missed it, Saturday Night Live was new last night with musical guest Miley [...]

In case you somehow missed it, Saturday Night Live was new last night with musical guest Miley Cyrus and host Elon Musk. Musk was a bit of an unusual choice for host, which is typically a role filled by entertainers of some sort, in that he is instead just a rich person that tweets a bunch. As usual, Musk appeared in the cold open and sketches for the show, and that included a somewhat bizarre sketch with the Nintendo character Wario (played by Musk) on trial for the murder of Mario.

The sketch, which you can check out in full above, starts with Luigi testifying that it was Wario, in fact, that caused the death of Mario thanks to a banana peel. It really only devolves from there with many comments about the "evil" description of Wario, his accent, and more. There's also an appearance of Grimes, the famous musician and Musk's partner, as Princess Peach. Inexplicably, there is also a brief moment dedicated to showcased a pixelated version of Luigi's private parts. At just under six minutes in length, the whole sketch is wild from start to finish.

Saturday Night Live, as the name implies, airs Saturdays on NBC. The upcoming episode set for May 15th will be hosted by Keegan-Michael Key with a musical performance by Olivia Rodrigo. The following week, Anya Taylor-Joy is set to host with musical guest Lil Nas X. There's no telling whether anything from those episodes will measure up to Musk's appearance, but it seems like a relatively low bar to clear. You can check out all of our previous coverage of Saturday Night Live right here.

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