Epic Games Is Giving Away Among Us for Free

Epic Games teased that it had another big game to give away through the Epic Games Store, and from [...]

Epic Games teased that it had another big game to give away through the Epic Games Store, and from its reveal on Thursday, it wasn't kidding. The company revealed that the Epic Games Store's next free game is Among Us, and those who have an account in the marketplace and the launcher can download the game for free now. On top of that, the next game is already being teased, too, and it's yet another "Mystery Game" which indicates another big win for Epic Games Store users.

Many people probably already own Among Us anyway since it only costs about $5 normally and has been discounted on more than one occasion to go even lower than that, but free is free, and free is exactly what Among Us is right now. To get the game, all you have to do is head to the Epic Games Store and sign into your account or make one if you don't have one already. You'll find the game advertised for free on the main landing page of the store, so don't worry about missing it.

With Among Us now being given away for free, it makes for a busy two weeks for Epic Games Store users with promises of more to come in the future. NBA 2K21 was given away for free over a week ago, a game which still carries the premium price tag of $60 when it's not downloaded and is likely on its way out the door to be replaced by another annual installment later this year.

With Among Us free now, we've got the next game to look forward to next week. That game again being referred to as a Mystery Game indicates its around the levels of popularity of NBA 2K21 and Among Us, though as is the case with any giveaway, it's unknown what that game will be. That's only for right now, however, since the free Epic Games Store games have historically been discovered prematurely to beat the announcement with people paying even closer attention to those sorts of leaks recently given the nature of the high-profile game giveaways. That means we'll probably find out what next week's game is ahead of schedule, too.

For Among Us players just now getting the game, you can look forward to things like new colors being added in the future. Among Us creators InnerSloth have been showing off those colors periodically with more to come in the future.