Everwild Report Explains Why the Xbox Series X Game Missed E3

Rare Ltd.'s Everwild looked gorgeous when it appeared during last summer's Xbox Games Showcase. [...]

Rare Ltd.'s Everwild looked gorgeous when it appeared during last summer's Xbox Games Showcase. While the trailer for the Xbox Series X game wowed audiences, there were initial reports that Rare wasn't sure exactly what they were planning for the game. Now a new report from Video Games Chronicle claims that the game missed yesterday's Xbox/Bethesda E3 2021 presentation because Everwild has been "completely rebooted" following the departure of creative director Simon Woodroffe. VGC also confirmed with Rare that Woodroffe has been replaced by Gregg Mayles. Apparently, the game is now "optimistically" planned for 2024, so fans might not be hearing more about it for some time.

In a statement to VGC, Rare's Louise O'Connor confirmed that Mayles has joined the team, but it should be noted that she did not address the rumored release window.

"Gregg Mayles joined us, late last year as Creative Director, and the team has never been stronger. Since showing the world our Eternals trailer, we have been making progress on all aspects of Everwild," O'Connor told VGC.

While that news might be a bit disappointing for those looking forward to Rare's next project, it could bode well for Everwild in the long run. Gregg Mayles has played a major role in some of Rare's most highly-acclaimed titles. If VGC is right about that 2024 release window, that would be a surprisingly long wait, but if Everwild delivers an experience that matches the charm of the trailer, that's the thing that matters most.

Everwild might have missed E3 this year, but Rare wasn't completely absent from E3. Yesterday, the studio announced A Pirate's Life, a new Sea of Thieves expansion that will add content from Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. The free content will bring in Jack Sparrow, as well as locations and characters from the world of the films and theme park ride. Sea of Thieves is available on Xbox Game Pass, so those that haven't tried the title just yet might be inclined to do so when the expansion releases next week.

Everwild will release exclusively on Xbox and PC. You can check out our previous coverage of the game right here.

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