Evil Dead: The Game Delayed

Saber Interactive and Boss Team Games announced today that Evil Dead: The Game has been delayed from its February 2022 launch window and will now be arriving closer to the summer. First announced back in 2020, Evil Dead: The Game is a co-op multiplayer title that will allow players to take control of various characters that have appeared in the Evil Dead franchise. And while it's now set to release a bit later than planned, the team behind the game believes that this move is for the best.

Announced on social media today, Saber Interactive formally informed fans that Evil Dead: The Game would now be seeing its launch date pushed back."Hey Evil Dead fans! When we set out to create a brand new game worthy of the Evil Dead franchise, we knew it had to be groovy as hell. In order to deliver the best possible experience, Evil Dead: The Game is now coming on May 13, 2022," the studio said on Twitter. "This delay gives our team the time they need to get things just right, so your boomstick will be polished, fully loaded, and ready to blast Deadites on that Friday the 13th of May. We thank you for your patience and understanding." 

In a general sense, this delay for Evil Dead: The Game wasn't all that surprising. Given that it was originally supposed to release in just a few short weeks and no news had come about in quite some time, it seemed very likely that a delay was bound to happen. And while delays are never fun for fans that are looking forward to a given title, luckily, May isn't that far off. 

When Evil Dead: The Game does end up releasing, it will be coming to PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC platforms. Conversely, if you'd like to learn more about the title, you can check out an official description of it down below:

"Step into the shoes of Ash Williams or his friends from the iconic Evil Dead franchise and work together in a game loaded with over-the-top co-op and PVP multiplayer action! Play as a team of four survivors, exploring, looting, managing your fear, and finding key items to seal the breach between worlds in a game inspired by all three original Evil Dead films as well as the Starz original Ash vs Evil Dead television series."