Evil Dead Remake Content Revealed for Evil Dead: The Game

Evil Dead: The Game includes content spanning pretty much all parts of the Evil Dead universe including various movies and the Starz TV show, but one blind spot it's had so far is the Evil Dead remake released in 2013. It stars Jane Levy as protagonist Mia Allen who, among others, has to survive a long night of possession and terror. Next month, Evil Dead: The Game creators Saber Interactive and Boss Team Games will rectify the absence of Evil Dead content in the game by adding Mia as a Survivor in a DLC release.

The social accounts for the Evil Dead game posted about Mia's inclusion this week, and while we didn't get a confirmed date for the character's release, we'll know she'll be joining the game in September. For those familiar with the remake, Mia can be viewed as both a protagonist and an antagonist at times, so she could've gone to either playable side, in theory. The posts confirmed that she'll indeed be on the side of the Survivors, however.

Survivors in Evil Dead: The Game are distinguished by more than just different appearances and related callouts to the source material they come from. In this game, they've got unique stats and abilities that separate them from other options. The game's creators have not yet said what Mia's stats and such look like, so we'll have to wait on that reveal to see how viable she'll be among the rest of the Survivors, but we at least know roughly when she'll be available and that she'll be included in the first season pass.

That last part is important given that it positions Mia as a paid character. The next update will have free content for those who don't have the season pass, too, but as of now, it's looking like the season pass which comes with four different DLCs will be the only way to get Mia.

The creators of the Evil Dead game have been teasing recently their plans for DLC, and it looks like this reveal was the culmination of those teases. If you haven't tried the game yet, you can check out our review of it here to see what it's all about.