Fable 4 Adds Writer from Control and Dishonored to Team

The fourth installment in the Fable series was finally confirmed by Xbox to be in development [...]

The fourth installment in the Fable series was finally confirmed by Xbox to be in development earlier this year, but outside of the game's debut trailer, not much else is known about the project right now. Fortunately, before the year wraps up, a rather notable addition to the game's development team has now been announced.

Writer Anna Megill divulged today via Twitter that she will now be working on Fable 4 beginning in 2021. Megill has previously worked as a writer on games like Dishonored: Death of the Outsider and most recently, Remedy Entertainment's Control. She joins the team at Playground Games as the Lead Writer of Fable 4 moving forward.

In an expanded thread on Twitter, Megill talked about how thrilled she is to be working on Fable as the series has a special place in her heart. The original entry in the series launched the same year in which Megill first started working in the video game industry and she said proved to be a title that she played with "a developer's eye." As for this new installment and her addition to the team, Megill says "the team's story vision reassured and excited me."

It's worth noting that Megill's position as Lead Writer on the Fable 4 team might point to the game still being pretty far off in terms of release. The fact that Playground Games is still beefing up its studio with key roles like this seems to indicate that there's quite a bit of work left to be done on the project. Still, as Megill points out, there is clearly a core idea in place of what this game is going to be and the studio is seemingly looking to hire developers that want to work towards that vision.

For now, there's still very little that we know about Fable 4 but whenever the game does end up launching, it should be coming to Xbox Series X/S and PC. Until that time, you can continue to follow all of our ongoing coverage of the game right here.

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