Remedy Entertainment Delays Control's PS5, Xbox Series X Upgrades

Remedy Entertainment’s Control is still getting next-gen upgrades on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, but it’ll be a while longer before players are able to take advantage of the new consoles’ powers and features in that game. The developer announced this week that it’d decided to delay the release of Control Ultimate Edition, the only version of the game that’ll include the next-gen updates, until 2021. The game is already out now for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms.

The developer’s announcement of the delay didn’t specify any particular issues that had emerged during the development of the next-gen versions of the game. Most delays of this kind have been attributed to complications stemming from Covid-19 working conditions or even things like Cyberpunk 2077’s new release date which is pushing everything else aside, but in this case, Remedy Entertainment just said more time was needed.

While most plans for games next-gen upgrades on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox One have been pretty straightforward, Control’s was one of the more convoluted ones that generated some discussion about how it was being handled and why. Instead of offering a free next-gen upgrade for people who own Control as is the case with most other games’ next-gen updates, Remedy Entertainment said it encountered “some form of blocker” at every avenue. The result of that was a situation where Remedy Entertainment said it couldn’t offer an upgrade to everyone which meant that if you owned Control on the current platforms and wanted the next-gen version, you had to rebuy it via Control Ultimate Edition.

The whole thing was made even stranger when more than a few people on the current platforms began noticing that their versions of Control had somehow been updated to the Control Ultimate Edition with no explanation given. That doesn’t refute everything Remedy Entertainment said in its explanation since the developer said some people were left out in every situation, but it showed that the upgrade to the new product was indeed possible.

People have since turned to the publisher, 505 Games, for more info on the matter, but for the time being, Control players will still need the Control Ultimate Edition for next-gen upgrades.