Facebook Parent Meta Acquires 3 Game Studios

Facebook parent company Meta announced this week during its latest Meta Connect event that it's now acquired three studios which are now part of the Oculus Studios team. Those three studios are Camouflaj, Twisted Pixel, and Armature Studio, developers that people may recognize for their projects in and out of virtual reality including work on some big properties like Iron Man and Resident Evil. It has not yet been revealed what these newly acquired studios are working on.

The first of those developers, Camouflaj, is one that people may recognize for the stealth game Republique which released back in 2015 but gained another surge of players this year when it went free-to-play. VR users may recall them instead as the developers of Marvel's Iron Man VR, the game that put you in Iron Man's suit and let you fly around in it from a first-person, VR perspective.

Twisted Pixel has similarly been around for a while now and has credits spanning multiple platforms like the Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. More recently the studio worked on games like Wilson's Heart and Path of the Warrior which were both developed for the Oculus Rift, so they make for another natural Meta acquisition given their VR lean.

Rounding out the trio of studios acquired by Meta is Armature Studio, a developer with a mix of original releases and ports in its portfolio. Those ports include work on IPs like Metal Gear Solid, Injustice, Borderlands, and Bayonetta. VR users will perhaps remember them best as the ones that brought Resident Evil 4 to the Oculus VR.

As for what these studios may be working on now that they've been acquired, Meta wasn't ready to shed light on that just yet. A press release accompanying the Meta Connect event did confirm, however, that these studios will be working on bringing "ambitious and forward-thinking games to VR," so expect them to stay in that same VR field that unifies the three developers.