Fall Guys Is Getting a Pusheen Crossover

Fall Guys has gotten so many crossovers both in and out of games by now that nothing should be surprising at this point, but even still, Mediatonic and Epic Games manager to pull off some unexpected collaborations. That's what's happened once more this week with the pair announcing a crossover with Pusheen, the cartoon cat which you may not know by name but will definitely know once you see it. This crossover is scheduled to get underway on July 14th and will run from then until July 18th with at least two different skins confirmed to be available in-game.

The new Fall Guys skins were announced in the trailer below which showed two different Pusheen variants for players to look forward to. The first of them is the OG Pusheen which will go for 800 Show-Bucks while the Super Pusheenicorn variant will be available, too, for the same price. You can get 1,000 Show-Bucks for $19.99 which should give you an idea of how much you'll be spending if you want both of these skins in your collection.

It looks like the crossover is going both ways, too, instead of Pusheen simply coming to Fall Guys. Over on the site for the game, some artwork was teased that showed the Fall Guys beans next to Pusheen as well as the skins that'll be in the game. That's apparently a teaser for what's to come, and what's to come is a comic to house both Fall Guys and Pusheen.

"As well as the hysterically cute Pusheen costumes you can get your paws on, we've also collaborated with Pusheen to make this adorable Fall Guys X Pusheen comic!" Mediatonic and Epic Games said about this upcoming comic crossover. "Get a sneak peek of this paw-some artwork."

Like most of the collaborations we see in Fall Guys, the limited duration of this event means that the skins will come and go quickly enough, so be sure to grab them while they're around if you want them before they're gone.