Fall Guys Gets Star Trek Skins and More

With Fall Guys in the midst of its space-themed Season 2, Mediatonic announced a fitting crossover this week by revealing that Star Trek skins would be added to the game. One of those features Spock, the most iconic of all the Star Trek characters, while the others are meant to capture the appearances of Uhura and Worf. Other cosmetics and accessories are also available as part of the collaboration and can be spotted in the in-game store now.

In terms of what's available in the store, the Uhura and Worf outfits are the main attractions, though players can also customize their Fall Guys beans with things like a backpack modeled after the U.S.S. Enterprise as well as a Beam Me Up celebration. The Uhura and Worf outfits are available for 800 Show-Bucks each while the backpack is available for 400. The celebration goes for 700, and there are different bundle options available depending on what players want from the Star Trek offerings.

For those who are working their way through the game's battle pass, you'll have the ability to unlock even more Star Trek content in the form of a Spock skin and a Borg mask.

"We're saving the best until last. Season Pass owners can also get our new Spock Costume," a preview of this new content said. "His hair! His eyebrows! His ears! It's a Vulkan's dream come true. Also for any of you Hugh fans, an incredible Borg mask complete with ocular implant and cortical array!"

For the battle pass contents, you'll have to progress a decent way through the rewards track before you unlock either of those cosmetics. Hugh's Borg Mask is available at Tier 43 and comes with both the mask itself and a gauntlet while Spock's costume is unlocked at Tier 52.


These Star Trek skins represent just one of several crossovers available during this season. The same battle pass also includes a Hatsune Miku skin as well as a Xenomorph outfit, so those working through Fall Guys Season 2 have plenty of cosmetics to unlock.