Fall Guys Officially Reveals New Tron Costumes

After recently teasing them, Fall Guys developer Mediatonic has officially revealed a series of [...]

After recently teasing them, Fall Guys developer Mediatonic has officially revealed a series of Tron crossover costumes which includes Tron, Rinzler, Quorra, and Sark. While Sark will be available for Kudos, the rest are specifically part of a DLC pack. The whole lot are set to release on May 24th. Given the '80s-inspired themes and aesthetic of the current Fall Guys season, it just makes sense that Tron and the rest of the gang would make an appearance during it.

You can check out what all of the new Tron costumes look like below:

"TRON is the timeless family tale of sentient computer entities, compelled to compete against each other in rounds of ruthless competition under the guidance of mysterious Users," said Jeff Tanton, Creative Director at Mediatonic, as part of today's reveal. "So of course, it was almost impossible for us to draw any clear parallels between this Disney classic and the neon-drenched wonderland of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout - Season 4! Fortunately, the good people at Disney agreed that the TRON costumes just looked super-adorable, and that we should go ahead anyway!"

As noted above, the new Tron costumes are set to appear in Fall Guys starting May 24th. Sark will be available for 22,000 Kudos while Tron, Rinzler, and Quorra will be part of a DLC pack. Fall Guys Season 4.5 -- called DAVE -- is currently available. It features two new rounds, 55 variations across 12 different rounds, custom lobbies, crossplay, and a whole mess of improvements and bug fixes throughout. As for Fall Guys itself, the game is currently available on both PlayStation 4 and PC, and it was also announced that it would release for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S this summer. You can check out all of our previous coverage of Fall Guys right here.

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