Fallout 76 Character Customization Details, New Photo Mode

Even more info has been uncovered thanks to Bethesda's Todd Howard and the crew about the highly [...]

Even more info has been uncovered thanks to Bethesda's Todd Howard and the crew about the highly anticipated Fallout 76. Though the game is taking the series where it's never been before with online play, it's good to see some familiar aspects. One such aspect is the character creation, which for those that enjoyed what Fallout 4 had to offer in terms of customization will mean great news.

In addition to how the character creation works, there's also a new photo mode! Players can essentially make their own badge, which works similarly to a calling card in game. It's a great way for players to show off their characters to other in the game while also showcasing that personality as well! Play around with the different filters, have fun with neat poses - pretty much it's your time to shine. You can see some of the filters in action in the video above thanks to "TinkerHell" and all of her blond glory.

Director Todd Howard mentioned that they pretty much used the same formula from Fallout 4 regarding personalization. There were so many ways players could tailor their characters to themselves, making it even easier to put yourself into the wasteland and get lost in the RPG experience.

What's fun about this level of immersion is that every other character seen in-game is actually another player, so the ability to customize your toon to look just like you brings an entirely new social aspect to the Fallout franchise. Yes, it's new to this series but new doesn't have to mean "bad." Since it's wildly hailed for its RPG aspects, the ability to bring yourself into a community of other fans of the franchise just widens that scope more than we ever thought possible.

Personally, I loved the Fallout 4 creation system. As a huge Dragon Age fan I modeled my characters off of others like Dorian Pavus from Inquisition and Morrigan from Origins. Bethesda is all about creativity and that shows in their new photo mode and the tradition of character customization.

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