Fallout 76: How PvP Works and How "A**Holes" are Punished

Fallout 76 is getting closer and closer to release and the team over at Bethesda took to the stage [...]

Fallout 76 is getting closer and closer to release and the team over at Bethesda took to the stage during QuakeCon 2018 to answer all of those burning questions regarding the first entry into the Fallout franchise to be entirely online.

When the game was first announced during E3, many heard the term "multiplayer" and instantly became worried. Since the series has always been about tactics and a stunning story, many long-time fans became concerned that what makes Fallout the game it is would be lost. Not only that, but the idea that "griefing" would be rampant really put a damper on the excitement for many. Luckily, Bethesda is very committed to absolutely slaughtering griefers.

Game Director Todd Howard mentioned on the topic of griefing that "We want this element of danger without griefing." Because of that, they've scaled how damage is dealt and received. It won't just be random players running up and BOOM, you're dead. Instead Howard described it as "slapping someone in a bar." It's light, it's almost inconsequential, but it does show another player you are interested in PvP. For those not interested in that part of the online play, it's easy to skip out on.

You can only do full damage to another player if both parties openly engage. If it's not willing, it won't be what many fear of just getting ganked every two seconds.

That being said, if you're a level 7 going up against a 72, that player will still only deal a small amount of damage but could still hound you with that small damage until near-death. But Howard calls players like that "assholes" and they've come up with a hilariously devious plan on dealing with that type of gamer.

If an enemy player kills someone that did not want to engage in combat, they then become a "wanted murderer" and now get no rewards, no XP, no caps - NOTHING. There is literally nothing to gain from doing that. There will also be a bounty put on that players head, one that comes directly out of the "wanted's" bottle cap stash. The hunted also can't see other players on the map any longer, essentially making their 'fair game' to everyone on the server.

In other words: Justice.

Does that make you feel any better about the online components of the gameplay? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below! As for the game itself, Fallout 76 releases on November 14th for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.