Bethesda Promises "Single Player Is Who We Are," Despite Fallout 76 Worries

Once more the team at Bethesda are having to reiterate to fans that the spin-off title Fallout 76 [...]

Once more the team at Bethesda are having to reiterate to fans that the spin-off title Fallout 76 does not mark the future of the franchise for the studio. The online game has been an idea for the team for over a decade and they finally pulled the trigger on letting fans take to the Wasteland with friends but many aren't sold on the co-op experience and even more are still not convinced it's not a spin-off - instead mistakingly putting the pressure of Fallout 5 on 76's shoulders.

Bethesda's Pete Hines recently sat down with IGN to talk about their promise to single-player games that made such a big splash during last year's Video Game Awards. With Fallout 76 being such a small-scale online experience, Hines has reassured fans once more that they are still very much committed to the single-player experience.

"Single player is part of who we are," the VP of Marketing reiterated. "We're also the folks that make Elder Scrolls Online. We make Quake Champions. We make Elder Scrolls: Legends. But single player is part of who we are."

He also opened up about a common joke in the office about the term "replayable" when discussing the true value of games and what they have to offer:

"We have a joke in the office. I have banned the word replayable because that's not a feature. Every game is replayable. Tetris is replayable. Every game can be replayed from the beginning. That's not unique. That's not a feature."

Though the game does always run online because of the dynamic server influx and environmental changes, Bethesda's Pete Hines has already confirmed that private servers will be available post launch. That means you can play solo or play with pre-approved friends. This is all about your player experience, and Bethesda wants to stay true to that.

Whether you decide to explore this dangerous and exciting new world alone or with friends, your adventures will take you across the land of West Virginia, and indeed, it was revealed that real West Virginia folklore inspired certain monsters and quests in the game. There will be six distinct regions, each with its own aesthic, opportunities, and risks.

There's nothing wrong with a little boundary pushing, and Bethesda has more than proven that they known how to weave a good tale. To stay in the know for all things Bethesda, you can check out our community hub right here.

Fallout 76 drops on November 14th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.