Fallout 76 Shares New Details on Season and Rewards

Bethesda shared some more information about Fallout 76’s Seasons this week to show what’s in [...]

Bethesda shared some more information about Fallout 76's Seasons this week to show what's in store for players when the first Season begins. That information included things like the S.C.O.R.E. system that governs how players will rank up through the battle pass-like feature as well as more details on some of the rewards players will earn as they advance through the ranks. Those new Seasons were introduced by Bethesda a while back, will be free for all players, and are scheduled to begin in Update 20 with the start of Season One as players progress through the board game-themed rankings.

Seasons essentially function as Fallout 76's version of a battle pass even if they don't go by the same name. The first Season called "The Legendary Run" staggers ranks throughout a board game menu where players' will advance through the stages by completing in-game tasks.

Those tasks are replacing the existing challenge system consisting of daily and weekly tasks. Those challenges will still be there, but players will earn S.C.O.R.E. now which will count towards their Season's rank. This means that players won't really have to do much different than what they normally would since you'll get points just by playing the game, but the Season challenges may entice players to try out some different activities.

"Maybe one of your Daily Challenges will be scrapping junk to get a certain resource, or crafting ammo at a workbench," Bethesda said. "Or maybe it'll even be a more social Challenge like using photomode while you're partied up. We haven't changed any of the Lifetime Challenges and they will not be updated with each Season, so you will still be able to complete them and earn their one-time Atom rewards."

Bethesda also shared more details on some of the rewards players will get from ranking up. You can see a full list of all the rewards up to Rank 100 here with details below providing more specifics on two specific rewards.

Season Rewards

  • Lunchboxes – Lunchboxes are a new consumable item that give a +25% XP bonus to you and all nearby players as well as a random social buff.
    • Social buffs can include things like +15% bonus damage to certain enemy types, 50% reduced hunger or thirst, enemies exploding into confetti instead of a bloody mess, etc.
    • These buffs last for one hour, and the XP bonus can stack up to +100% if multiple players open Lunchboxes at once.
    • Social buffs don't stack with themselves, but you can have several active at once after opening multiple Lunchboxes.
  • Ammo Converter – The Ammo Converter is unlocked at Rank 5, and it will allow you to exchange your unwanted ammo for ammo that you actually need!
    • Find the Ammo Converter in the Resources section of your C.A.M.P. Build Menu. Once placed, you can access the Ammo Converter through the attached Terminal.
    • In the Terminal, find the Ammo you want to convert and it will remove the specified count of Ammo and credit you with some AmmoPoints, up to a maximum.
    • Exchange your stored AmmoPoints for your preferred type of Ammo.
    • Other Players can use any Ammo Converter Terminal to access their stored AmmoPoints, so put one down for the convenience of your fellow Wastelanders!

Fallout 76's first Season launches in Update 20.