Leaked Fallout TV Series Teaser Trailer Shows Off Power Armor and Ghouls

One of our best Fallout TV show leaks shows off Power Armor and more.

Fallout fans looking forward to the new TV show from Amazon that's based on Bethesda's series still have had precious little to go off of in recent months aside from the occasional mentioning of the show. Leaked set images have made up the bulk of anything substantial from the show until recently when a new teaser trailer started making the rounds. The trailer in question shows off key parts of the Fallout universe like Ghouls and the coveted Power Armor suits. The teaser unfortunately doesn't offer any kind of updated release timeframe, however, so all that we know about the release plans is that the Fallout show will be available on Amazon's Prime Video at some point next year.

This Fallout teaser appears to have been the same one shown off in August during Gamescom amid Starfield presentations but has since made its way online. It hasn't been taken down just yet, but it's hopefully indicative of more Fallout news to come soon.

Fallout TV Show Teaser: Ghouls, Power Armor, and More

The teaser trailer opens with a sight that should be familiar to those who've played the core Fallout games like Fallout 3. A fleet of Vertibirds descend upon some point of interest before a number of individuals clad in Power Armor exit the ships. The Power Armor suits shown in the trailer appear to be modeled after the Brotherhood of Steel designs that are featured most prominently throughout the games as indicated by their bulky builds and the shape of the visors on the helmets, but it's difficult to pick out specific features from the teaser due to the poor handcam quality.

Beyond that, we see a classic Bethesda moment playing out: the big exit whenever Vault dwellers roll back the massive door to their Vault and enter the Wasteland presumably for the first time. It's very close to the moment shown off by one of Prime Video's official reveals from the past where they shared an image depicting this exact kind of scene.

One of the more interesting parts of the teaser comes immediately after the Vault exit when we see a bright red Ghoul. Actor Walton Goggins is playing the main character in the Fallout show who's so far only been called "Ghoul" himself, and while it looks like this might be Goggins' character, it's again difficult to make out. The Ghoul in question is noseless like most of the irradiated Fallout inhabitants of its kind and is in a very Fallout-esque settlement that looks like it's barely being held together. A couple of massive explosions going off throughout the Wasteland caps off the Fallout teaser.

When Does Amazon's Fallout Show Release?

With the teaser now leaked, two big questions remain: when will we get to see the full, official version, and when will the show be out?

Neither question is particularly easy to answer, but we at least have some details related to the latter. For the first, there's no indication right now of when Amazon will be ready to release the teaser for its new Prime Video series. The last real update we got on the show was in August when some new artwork was shared.

That last update also gives us our partial answer to the second question of the show's release date. All that's known right now is that the Amazon show will be out in 2024, though perhaps this next teaser will offer a bit more info whenever it drops.