Far Cry 5 Is Already a Big Hit, Selling Half a Million Copies on Steam

Far Cry 5

Ubisoft's Far Cry 5 has only been out for about a week now, and while it'll take a bit of time to tally up the opening sales numbers for the game, we already know one place where the sequel is a big hit – on Steam.

A report indicates that the Steam version of the open-world shooter has already cleared 500,000 copies sold digitally – and that's not including Ubisoft's own uPlay store sales, nor Xbox One or PlayStation 4 versions of the game. That could very well indicate that the game could hit well over a million copies sold in its first week when all is said and done.

Some sales numbers should begin to surface, at the earliest, later this week, or maybe not until later this month, when monthly sale numbers are provided by NPD. But there's no question that Far Cry 5 has been riding on a whole lot of hype, between television commercials, online advertising and more.

Not to mention the "Americana" theme probably relates better to the U.S. audience, as players will play a deputy who finds him or herself pitted against a deadly cult in the midst of Montana, hoping to recruit both human and animal allies to push back and eventually take back Hope County.

Ubisoft hasn't said a word about sales yet, so it looks like the Steam number is the only sales report we've gotten thus far. But, again, things are looking good, and you shouldn't be surprised if the game clears a few million copies in the months ahead – especially once that bonkers Season Pass kicks in, offering zombies and Far Cry 3 to the game, along with other goods.

We reviewed Far Cry 5 earlier this week, and found it to be a worthwhile experience – and probably the best Far Cry game to date, even with Blood Dragon out there. I quoted in the review, "While the idea of battling a cult may not sound like the best video game idea, Far Cry 5 wraps it into an experience that's easily the best in the series to date. And that's including Blood Dragon and its amazing laser dinosaurs. I mean, how do you beat laser dinosaurs? With an on-fire bear named Cheezburger, obviously."

So if you haven't played it yet, you're missing out. Join the Far Cry 5 party now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.


(Hat tip to GamingBolt for the scoop!)