Far Cry 6 Season Pass Leak Reveals Playable Villains from Past Games

Another Ubisoft surprise leaked ahead of the company’s E3 presentation to reveal some details [...]

Another Ubisoft surprise leaked ahead of the company's E3 presentation to reveal some details about the season pass for Far Cry 6. The fact that the new Far Cry game will have a season pass is hardly surprising, but the contents of that pass are something that we haven't seen before in a Far Cry game. It appears season pass owners will be able to play as Far Cry villains from past games including Vaas from Far Cry 3, Pagan from Far Cry 4, and Joseph from Far Cry 5.

These season pass details were revealed in an advertisement for Far Cry 6 which played before videos on YouTube. There's a good chance people won't find that ad playing anymore since it's likely been pulled after being leaked, but whether it's still live or not, players already captured it to share the info with others. One such Far Cry fan did that and reshared the video over on the subreddit dedicated to the new Far Cry 6 game with that video seen below.

Since it was just an ad for the game, it doesn't have any written details for Far Cry fans to look over. However, the phrase "You are Vaas" that's repeated twice more for the other two villains is as clear an indicator that we can get that players will be playing as the three villains from past Far Cry games if they choose to pick up the season pass.

Though this is an unprecedented bit of content for a Far Cry game, it's not wholly surprising that some of Far Cry 6's DLC would focus on villains. Those antagonists are some of the most recognizable villains from the past three Far Cry games with Vaas himself being a favorite among many who still hold Far Cry 3 in such high regards. It's likely this was one of the surprises Ubisoft teased, so we should know more about the plans for the season pass whenever the next Ubisoft Forward event takes place in a few hours.

It's also worth noting that these three villains are the same ones featuring in the comic series called Far Cry: Rite of Passage which accompanies the new game and is already releasing now. The series features Antón Castillo sharing cautionary tales with his son, Diego, while using the past Far Cry villains as examples. If these three villains are referenced in the DLC and in the comics series, there's a good chance they'll be mentioned in the main game, too.

Far Cry 6 is scheduled to release on October 7th.