For Honor's Halloween Event Is a Dead by Daylight Crossover

For Honor is one of many games that's having a Halloween event this year, but it's getting some help this time. Ubisoft announced this week that its warrior-based fighting game will host the Dead by Daylight Killer The Trapper during its "Survivors of the Fog" event which includes a new game mode and "a multitude of rewards" unlocked by progressing through an event pass. This Halloween event is scheduled to go live on October 21st and will be available from then until November 11th.

The reveal of the Dead by Daylight-themed Halloween event follows teasers from earlier in the week that hinted at as much, but seeing how the two games are so different from each other, people were still skeptical about the scope of the event. A trailer released on Wednesday cleared up much of that confusion by showing that The Trapper will indeed be coming to For Honor as part of the Survivors game mode.

"During this event only, you'll be able to play the Survivors game mode in a spooky environment, based on Dead by Daylight," a preview of the Survivors mode in For Honor said. "It's a 4v4 PVP game mode without minions. Instead of minions, the Trapper roams the map looking to prey on the heroes."

This means that players won't actually get to play as The Trapper himself – if you want to do that, you'll have to head over to Dead by Daylight proper to play as the Killer. Instead, the game mode features two teams competing against each other to earn points either by capturing locations or killing The Trapper himself. The first team to reach 1,000 points wins.

While working through this game mode and other parts of For Honor, you'll progress through the event pass that'll be live for the duration of this event. Included in the pass are several rewards such as a unique effect, an ornament, and a battle outfit. Ubisoft has not yet revealed the full contents of the pass nor has it shown what the accessories look like.

While the Dead by Daylight crossover may have been an unexpected one seeing how Ubisoft tends to host crossovers between its own games, it makes sense that The Trapper would be the Killer to pay For Honor a visit. Aside from being Dead by Daylight's first and original Killer, The Trapper's one of the burlier and fighter-like characters in the game's roster of Killers. The DLC Killer known as The Oni would arguably fit the thematic better, but again, The Trapper's the OG Killer.

For Honor's Dead by Daylight crossover event is scheduled to go live on October 21st and will be available until November 11th.