For Honor Update Adds New Hero

There's a new update available as of this week in For Honor, and this one's brought something special: a new hero. This latest fighter available in the game now for players to purchase is known as the Medjay and is the first of their kind as they hail from Egypt and are the second character available in the Outlanders class following the release of the Pirate. They're in For Honor now, so expect to see plenty of players utilizing them this weekend if you try to get some matches in.

The Medjay, for those who haven't been keeping up with the news about the new character, is classified as a "hard" hero but seems to boast some unique attributes to make the time spent learning them worthwhile. Those highlights for the character can be seen below courtesy of Ubisoft to provide an overview of the Medjay:

Medjay Traits

  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Weapon Transform
  • Dual Fighting Styles
  • Good Melee Range in Staff Mode

Special Capabilities

  • Unique dual utility feats
  • Unstoppable infinite chain in Staff mode
  • High aggression and speed in Axes mode
  • Stays in current mode when hit, unlike other multi-mode heroes

For the lore buffs, Ubisoft similarly provided some info about the Medjay's place in the game as well as their reasoning for the character being around all the other fighters. The Outlanders by design are characters that don't fit into any one faction already present in the game, and the Medjay's story is one filled with ties to a Raider and mercenary work.

"When his friend Bolthorn stole the Scarab Bracelet from the desert kingdom, Neferkha knew what would happen next. He left his homeland to chase the Raider, following the relic's trail of waste and death to its heart in Valkenheim," Ubisoft's lore for the character said." There Neferkha found Bolthorn, a cursed shell of his former self. An epic battle ensued – with Neferkha ultimately besting his friend. Rather than killing the Viking, Neferkha spared his life and removed the Bracelet to lift the curse. Having witnessed the relic's destruction, Neferkha had realized the jewel belonged to a different time and place; it was simply to dangerous, even for himself, the last heir of the Pharaohs. The Medjay left Valkenheim so it might begin to heal. He became a mercenary to buy his way back home, where he would return the Bracelet to its resting place."

For Honor's latest hero is now available in-game. You can read through the rest of the contents of the patch notes here.