Fortnite Officially Reveals New Assassin's Creed Skins

After a month that has been filled with plenty of rumors and reports, Epic Games finally announced today that Fortnite will now be crossing over with Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed series. Rather than just one skin associated with the franchise being added, though, Epic has revealed that both Ezio Auditore and Eivor Varinsdottir will each be coming to the battle royale title. And best of all, their releases in the Item Shop is right around the corner. 

On Thursday, April 7, both Eivor and Ezio will be landing in the Fortnite Shop at 8:00pm ET. In addition to both characters receiving their own outfits, some additional accessories will also be available to obtain as well. Ezio will come with a pair of Hidden Blades that he can use as his Pickaxe to go along with the "Assassin's Strike" emote. Meanwhile, Eivor's skin will have an alternate style that will allow players to either play as the Viking Assasin with or without her hood on. 

Although Ezio might be the most popular Assassin's Creed character overall, Eivor is the one that will be getting more accessories in Fortnite. Other than her skin, Eivor will also have a piece of Back Bling modeled after her shield, a pair of Raven Clas axes that are used as her Pickaxe, and a unique Glider that resembles her Viking longboat. Additionally, she will also have the "Viking War Cry" emote that players can use when equipping her unique Pickaxe or Back Bling. 

Per usual, Epic Games will be making all of these Assassin's Creed items in Fortnite purchasable in a number of different ways. If you'd like to buy everything individually, that option will be available to you. Conversely, players can also purchase the Tales from the Animus Bundle to obtain everything related to Assassin's Creed that is coming to Fortnite.


What do you think about this Assassin's Creed crossover finally happening within Fortnite? Will you look to pick up these new Ezio and Eivor skins for yourself? Let me know down in the comments or send me a message on Twitter at @MooreMan12.