'Fortnite' Baller Nerfs Have Been Delayed

The Baller has been a go-to vehicle for Fortnite players at any stage of the game since it was added, but it’s especially been useful near the end of the match. To combat the overwhelming presence of Ballers rolling around in the last few circles, Epic Games announced a plan to nerf the vehicle so that players can damage those who use it through the structures’ glass surfaces. Originally planned for the v8.30 Update, Epic Games will no longer hit that release window and has delayed the nerf to an unannounced date.

Epic Games announced the nerf delay in a post on Reddit, though it referred to the change simply as an “adjustment.” The change does indeed adjust the Ballers by making the users more vulnerable as discussed back in the v8.20 Update notes when Epic Games voiced its intentions. In the initial post, Epic Games said it was “not satisfied with the current use of Ballers, specifically in the late game.”

Tuesday’s post said that the adjustment is still planned – it just won’t be in the v8.30 Update.

“In the v8.20 Patch Notes, we mentioned that we’d be making an adjustment that allows players to shoot through the glass of The Baller,” Epic Games said. “This functionality won’t be in the v8.30 update that releases later this week We’re still polishing this change and will get it to you as soon as it’s ready! Keep an eye on Patch Notes though, it’ll be ready in the near future.”

From the way the post reads, it looks like this change won’t be added in time for the World Cup Qualifiers unless Epic Games nerfs the Ballers outside of its normal patching schedule. The Qualifiers are scheduled to take place later this weekend on April 13th with millions in prizes on the line for the tournament’s competitors. The change would’ve been a sizeable one to release right before the tournament regardless, but if it’s not going to release in time for the event, spectators can expect to see a lot of Ballers rolling around.

There’s still a chance it’ll be added before Saturday since Epic Games said it’ll be “ready in the near future,” so perhaps the patch notes releasing for the next update will give a more solid timeframe for the nerf’s release.



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