Fortnite Confirms Batman Crossover Is Happening

Epic Games has confirmed that Batman is indeed coming to Fortnite in some capacity with the reveal [...]

Epic Games has confirmed that Batman is indeed coming to Fortnite in some capacity with the reveal of the battle royale game's next big event. A teaser shared on Friday confirmed that the event was happening, but the developer apparently isn't ready to reveal the full details of the event just yet. Saturday at 8 a.m. ET will apparently be the time when we'll learn more through a scheduled livestream that signifies this event won't be one to miss.

The tweet below was shared from the official Fortnite Twitter account to alert players to the upcoming crossover and the reveal for the event. It included an image showing Batman on the left with the typical Fortnite crossover layout on the right that showed Batman's iconic symbol next to the name of the game.

What's even more interesting than the confirmation is what'll be revealed tomorrow during the livestream. The stream's already set up now and is counting down the hours until the reveal goes live on Saturday. According to the description of the video, players who are interest in getting everything they can out of the Batman event should watch it to earn some in-game loot. The teaser doesn't specify what that loot will be but confirmed that those who tune in will "earn a free in-game reward for watching the premiere." That stream can be seen at the top of the article.

Fortnite players who've been paying attention to the current state of datamines and teasers will have already known that that the event is on the way. Some files discovered after one of the game's updates indicated that the game would be getting items like a Batarang and cosmetics players could customize their characters with. It wasn't long after that the players found indicators of the crossover in the game itself.

Judging from how past Fortnite crossovers have gone, we can probably expect to see a flashy cinematic to accompany the start of this event tomorrow. September 21st is Batman day after all which made it a prime target of speculated dates for when this reveal might happen. Perhaps a game mode will accompany the event as well to give these new items a limited-time home, but you can bet there will be different cosmetics for players to buy.

Epic Games also recently treated players to a giveaway of pretty much every modern Batman game you could be interested in, so if you're already in the Epic Games launcher playing Fortnite on the PC, you might as well celebrate Batman day with some free games as well.