Fortnite Cosmetic Items Leaked; Outfits, Gliders, and Tons More

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The latest update version for both Battle Royale and Save the World in Fortnite is now live and players wasted no time in digging deep into those files to uncover what's coming next. Thanks to our friends over at Fortnite Intel, we've got our first look at some of the new cosmetic items coming our way - including the new vibes seen above!

fortnite leak 1

We don't know when exactly we'll be getting these items, as they are datamined at this point with no official confirmation from Epic, but this site has accurately predicted every single cosmetic thus far. It's hard to get a prediction wrong when you're extracting them from the game files themselves! Stay tuned and we'll let you know the second these bad boys go live.

fortnite leak 2

The rarities and names have yet to be revealed, which isn't unusual when the cosmetic leak first goes live. Just like every update prior, we've got our first look at the pickaxes, gliders, back bling, and new outfits that will soon be making their way into the game and we've got to say - this is probably the coolest update yet.

Not only did we get female versions of outfits already available, but we're also really feeling the new detective vibe that we apparently have coming our way. Plus, a little patriosism goes a long way, apparently, which is perfect with all of the soccer gear available now that tailors to the player's team of choice!

Update - We have the name and rarities of the above cosmetic items:

  • Criterion and Oblivion (Legendary)
  • Sleuth and Gumshoe (Epic)
  • Fireworks Team Leader (Epic) and Star Spangled Trooper (Uncommon)
  • Star Spangled Ranger (Uncommon) and Noir (Epic)
  • Vertex (Legendary


  • Terminus and Viceroy Mark I (Epic)
  • Forerunner (Rare)
  • Destabilizer and Stabilizer (Legendary)

Back Bling

  • Blasting Cap and Confidential Case (Epic)
  • Cluefinder and Evidence Bag (Epic)
  • Deflector (Legendary)


  • Razor Edge (Rare) and Victory Lap (Uncommon)
  • Magnifying Axe and Crimson Axe (Rare)


  • Bring It (Uncommon) and Infinite Dab (Rare)
  • Eagle (Rare) and True Heart (Epic)
  • Sparkler (Uncommon

The latest update for Fortnite is now available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch, and iOS players. Full patch notes here.