Fortnite Reveals When the Fortnitemares Halloween Event Starts

Fortnite’s about to fully dive into the Halloween spirit this week when its Fortnitemares event begins to give players a new collection of skins and probably much more. Epic Games announced on Monday the start date and time for the Hallowee-themed event and featured another one of the skins that have been appearing periodically in the store as of late. The full details of the event haven’t yet been revealed, but we can expect a breakdown to be shared when the event starts.

Epic Games announced the start time for the update on Monday and confirmed that Fortnitemares would officially be underway beginning at 9 a.m. ET on October 29th. It’s a start time that comes in a few hours later than when the updates usually drop early in the morning, so Fortnite players thankfully won’t have to stay up all night to see what’s happening in the event this time.

The teaser image for the announcement also showed off one of the leaked skins that’s since been added to the game in the item shop. It’s called the “Chaos Agent” and comes with one of Chapter 2’s signature style variants along with some other cosmetics, each of those seen below.

Fortnite’s Halloween skins have been appearing in the item shop over time ever since they were first leaked which falls in line with Epic Games’ usual strategy for releasing skins, but you can bet there will be more to reveal as the event begins and goes on. Parts of the map may very well change to align with the Halloween vibe as different locations take on a spooky aesthetic.


We’ve already seen zombies in these new skins and even through a new emote, and judging from past Fortnite experiences, it doesn’t seem too outlandish to imagine we’d see the game bring back the AI-controlled zombies as well. Fortnite calls them “Fiends” but they’re basically just zombies and have been used in past events. Vocal players have been largely opposed to zombies in the past, though Epic Games has taken steps to make them a bit more entertaining and rewarding to play against.

Fortnite’s Fortnitemares Halloween event begins on October 29th at 9 a.m. ET, so look for more details from Epic Games around that time.